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Migration Information Source Feature: "Tanzania’s Open Door to Refugees Narrows"

In their recent feature for the Migration Information Source, EHTZ Postdoc Yvette Ruzibiza and Senior Researcher Simon Turner share findings from their recent fieldwork in Kigoma explaining more recent shifts in the relations and interactions on the ground between Buruandian refugees and their host communities in Tanzania.

Tanzania used to be commended internationally for its generous refugee policy, since the 1960s hosting forcibly displaced people from war-torn neighboring countries including Burundi and Rwanda, and actively supporting anti-apartheid freedom fighters from southern Africa. This image has, however, changed significantly in recent years. Tanzania is now using restrictive policies and rhetoric to deter refugee arrivals and encourage some of those in the country to repatriate. This has influenced the relations and forms of giving on the ground between refugees thelmselves as well as with their host communities.

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