EHTZ fieldwork in Tanzania 

EHTZ Team has conducted fieldwork in different regions of Tanzania. Covid-19 has certainly set new challenges, but fieldwork and data collection continues by our EHTZ members in Tanzania and Denmark within restrictions.

2021-01-11 (6).png

Members of EHTZ Tanzania Team conducting interviews and focus group discussions with host communities surrounding the Nyarugusu Refugee Camp in December 2020. 

In the Kigoma Region, EHTZ has explored the concept of everyday humanitarianism within the context of the protracted refugee situation in the region.

2021-01-11 (7).png

EHTZ team in Arusha together with MS TCDC, susprised by a family of black & white colobus monkeys. 


A meal enjoyed by members of EHTZ's Refugee Team at their week long exploratory fieldwork in Kigoma in April, 2020. 


Adam Ole Marabu, Yash Pal Ghai, Simon Turner (member of EHTZ team) and Elifuraha Laltaika pictured in Arusha in April 2020. 


Covid 19 auto ethnography.png

A shot from an auto-ethnography conducted via Zoom for our upcoming paper on Covid-Organics and South-South Humanitarianism. Modality fits the theme!