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Presentation for Doctors Without Borders

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

On 23 June 2021, EHTZ's PhD researcher, Pernille Bærendtsen gave a presentation for Doctors Without Borders (Denmark) at its summer school at Borups Højskole in Copenhagen. The presentation drew on research and her own practical experiences from development and humanitarian work in East Africa. She provided a background with departure in Tanzania’s history on slave trade, colonisation over independence to development with the case of Denmark’s engagement in Tanzania, as well as an overview of current critical discussions on humanitarian work in regards to the global South and North relationship, need for a new language, structural racism, decolonisation, as well as how humanitarianism and development commonly is communicated to Western audiences.

The presentation was followed by questions from the summer school participants.

Resources used for the presentation:

Illustration hanging on the wall in the Livingstone Memorial Museum in Ujiji in Kigoma Region in Western Tanzania. Photo: Pernille Bærendtsen.

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