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Policy Brief: Humanitarianism in Tanzania’s Disaster Management Policy & Legislative Framework

The EHTZ Disaster Management Cluster has explored Tanzania’s Disaster Management Policy & Legislative Framework and its implications on disaster responses of local communities in a new policy Brief. Kindly find the policy Brief titled “Humanitarianism in Tanzania’s Disaster Management Policy & Legislative Framework: A Bird’s- Eye View” by Hamudi Majamba (Associate Professor of Law at the University of Dar es Salaam) & the Disaster Management Cluster in the Everyday Humanitarianism in Tanzania (EHTZ) Project below.

Placing a focus on the Disaster Management Act No. 6 of 2022 and the National Disaster Management Strategy of 2022 – 2027 the Brief reveals that the provisions of the 2015 Act (which has now been replaced with the 2022 Act), which captured humanitarian responders who provide informal assistance, often before formal government intervention, have been removed.

In view of this analysis, EHTZ, recommends that:

1) Stakeholders should continue to engage the government of Tanzania to ensure that local humanitarian actors are not left at the periphery in disaster management preparation and response systems.

2) Together, the stakeholders must ensure that the envisaged revision of the New Disaster Management Policy addresses, among others, the shortfalls identified in the Brief to ensure effective, meaningful, joint and collective approaches by both government and humanitarian responders in addressing disasters in the country.

3) The government should, in complying with international and regional legal instruments that it has signed, consider amending the legal framework to acknowledge and take on board humanitarianism actors in disaster management and response systems.

You can find the full report here or under Outputs/Reports on our website

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